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Back Breaking SEO, LLC takes pride in being a SEO provider serving small business owners with their internet marketing needs.  SEO has become a game where money can dictate results.  We here at Back Breaking SEO choose to exclusively help small business owners claim their rightful spots in the search engines.  It’s no secret that small business owners can’t compete financially with the ‘Walmarts’ of their industry.  This is where Back Breaking SEO steps in.

Back Breaking SEO works directly with small business owners to optimize their websites and gain search engine visibility.  Unlike large companies, we take advantage of business owners who can swiftly make decisions, leverage relationships with their customers and adapt to updating search algorithms the same day they occur.  These split minute decision making is something corporations cannot compete with.  This is our competitive advantage.

Working with Back Breaking SEO, LLC is not a cut a check and cash in proposition.  Just as our customers rely on us for our SEO knowledge, we rely on small business owners knowledge of their industry.  Together, as a team, we can get your company search engine visibility.


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